Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The first post... it has to be something exciting and mind blowing (or a test run to make sure that this new-fangled technology works correctly). Something up lifting and true to who I am. I hate to disappoint my many fans, so now I will write a "Heather's Blog" manifesto that each and every blog post will live up to. Think of it as a check list or personal mission to insure quality, entertainment and speling erors.

Heather's Blog Manifesto (aka Les Raisons d'Etre):
  1. There will be every effort made to be funny. (I heard a great joke in philosophy... it was dirty... and I digress).
  2. I will write about anything I want regardless of external influences. No catering to anyone.
  3. This is mostly a place for me to do "mass e-mails" without the bother of e-mailing. So don't expect regularity or normalcy.
In addition, I know that the title of this blog is boring and plain. Think about it though - the title of a blog is only funny the first time around. After that it is just ignored. Granted there are great titles, but they tend to lock the author into one frame of mind. They define the writing therein. By calling it simply "Heather's Blog" I am avoiding the traditional pitfalls of a new blogger. So no comments please!

Thank you for listening,