Sunday, November 19, 2006

It is a difficult thing to be the tour guide for a trio who have no opinion and are truly content to just be in France. But so it was these past ten days when my parents came to visit me here in Nantes...

I was at work when they arrived, but when I called to let them know that I was on the tram heading their direction my father's slightly frantic/tired voice responded by saying, "We're lost." After figuring out where they where and giving them the wrong directions, we all eventually made it to their hotel.

Chez L'Huitre (House of Oysters) is a restaurant highly recommended in every book about Nantes and now by my family as well. This was not the first time I had tried to eat here, but their first night in town was the first time I found it open - ever! During the off season there is only indoor seating at six tables for a grand total of twelve people and one waiter maximum. Also, there is no menu. Just four or five green chalk boards with today's three course menu, the suggested wines, a la carte items, etc. The waiter/owner's son/essential-charming-handsome Frenchman stands behind the bar in the back seeing to every detail of the meals while enjoying wine and cheese himself (he needs to know what to suggest, of course). This restaurant became that place that you talk about and compare others to at every other meal. Bon appetit!

As far as our days were concerned, we spent them driving through the countryside (ie vineyards). Actually, our first day did not go as planned as it was 11/11 (Armistice day) and the Maison du Vin and Wine Museums were closed. After realizing that we needed to change our plans a little, we stopped at a random small village. Minutes after parking, a small parade of veterans came marching from the town hall to the cemetery with flowers for their fallen comrades. It was quite a touching little celebration at 11:11, 11/11. We also went to Paris for the day (first class! - the benefits of traveling with parents!) and I occupied myself by trying to find the perfect flat. I will live there someday!

In summary, by the request of my Uncle Tom:
My mom and dad visited and it was fun.
We ate fish and drank wine. It was tasty.
We went to Paris. It was pretty.
They left. It was sad.


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reachums said...

I have to say, your summary for your uncle Tom made me giggle