Monday, February 16, 2009

Did You Feel That?

Well, did you? That was the power of the Internet whooshing by!

Last we left my sad, Stephen Fry-less existence, I was bemoaning the loss of his wit and candor. Cursing the Twitter Fates!

The next morning, still blurry-eyed with a cup of coffee in my hand and wearing my disheveled pajamas, I blindly groped for my computer. Distracted by my bagel, I missed the message reading "Stephen Fry is now following you on Twitter" the first time around. It took a few minutes for that to sink in... humm... Stephen. Fry. Following. Twitter.

HOLY CRAP! I almost dropped my coffee then and there!

For those of you who do not Twitter, this is kind of a big deal. To follow someone means that every time they login, their homepage may display one of your comments. This is an act saying "I would like you to know that I think enough about you to condescend to give you an inch of my homepage for an hour or two."

I hurried to the Twitter-verse and there he was, unblocked and just as good as I remember.

Then I sat back, thinking about how this all came to be.

I discovered, a few days before, that the problem was a result of Twitter randomly blocking a few hundred of his followers - myself included (shucks, I was hoping I did something to piss him off!). But, in order to be reestablished, I had to (and this gets very complicated and convoluted) have a friend of mine who also followed Mr. Fry tweet him with the tag #fryblocked and @HeatherVM. The problem is I do not know anyone else in the greater Seattle area that feels the same way about him, so I was left in the dark.

So the question remains: how did he learn I was blocked, and why did he, rather than unblocking me, actually start following me?

Both questions I am alright not knowing the answer... unless of course they involve Stephen Fry reading my blog, finding it humorous, and feeling bad for the whole Twitter catastrophe... I'd be fine with that answer!

Now all is right in the world, and I have an email that is (sort of) from Stephen Fry, starred in my Gmail inbox. The Twitter Fates are happy again.


Cernunnos the Luddite said...

Congratulations! I'm glad to see it had a happy ending.

BGurung said...

oh my goodness, Heather. You area beyond-clever!